IT was like a scene from the Amazon Rainforest at King’s Ely – just minus the tropical temperatures.

Year 3 pupils at King’s Ely Junior were in their element when Luke Taylor from Wild Science Ltd visited the Old Palace on Tuesday, February 7th to host a rainforest animals’ workshop with them.

As part of their exciting topic on rainforests this term, pupils, if they wanted to, were able to get up close to Todd, a White’s Tree Frog from Australia, Bono, a Madagascan Hissing Cockroach, and Marr, a Crested Gecko from New Caledonia.

The stars of the show however were Morrissey, a gentle Corn Snake from North America, and Terry, a striking Chilean Rose Tarantula from South America. The pupils were able to touch the critters and learn a whole host of fascinating facts about them.

Head of King’s Ely Junior, Richard Whymark, said: “The children demonstrated that nothing creates a greater buzz or brings learning alive more successfully than a face to face encounter with amazing creatures!”

King’s Ely pupils enjoy regular special visits and day trips throughout the academic year as part of the school’s commitment to providing an education that is engaging and stimulating.

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