TWELVE young chemists have been awarded certificates in the International Chemistry Olympiad – a challenging examination-based competition for top-performing A Level chemistry students.

Organised by the Royal Society of Chemistry, the Olympiad tests candidates’ chemical knowledge and is designed to stimulate debate and raise further awareness of the subject. Gold, silver and bronze certificates are awarded to the highest achievers.

Head of Chemistry at King’s Ely, Dr Wendy Pitt, said: “In the previous two years, the school has entered three students into the competition. This year, however, 12 of our Year 13 chemistry students volunteered to have a go. They were among the 4,574 students from the UK who took part. All 12 from King’s Ely gained certificates, which is an outstanding achievement in the history of chemistry at the school.”

Head of King’s Ely, Sue Freestone, who presented the students with their certificates at assembly yesterday (1), said: “Chemistry is one of King’s Ely’s unsung strengths. The work our students do is vibrant and challenging and it’s great for them to have some kind of outward recognition of what they achieve.

“The Chemistry Network, funded by the Government’s Independent State School Partnership programme, also enables us to work with other local schools to encourage children to raise their achievement levels and aspirations for the future.”

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