It is difficult to express the true value of a bursary because there is so much more to this awardthan the actual amount. Following the failure of a harrowing re-location, our family returned to King’s Ely so that our children could resume their education in a familiar environment where they had previously thrived. However, two years after this, our business then collapsed, resulting in the loss of both our livelihoods and our home. Yet the worst prospect of all was being left with no choice but to remove our children from a school they really loved, and which was nurturing them into confident, intrepid young people. Thankfully, at this uncertain and frightening time, King’s Ely was able to offer a bursary to ensure that our children could remain at the school, preserving the continuity of their well-being and stability in such a fundamentally important area of their lives. Furthermore, the bursary also brought with it hope, reassurance and security at a time when our family needed it most, for which we will always be sincerely grateful.

Current King’s Ely parents


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