SHOCKED by scenes of destitution and neglect in a Bulgarian orphanage, Psychology students at King’s Ely have taken matters into their own hands by donating boxes full of essential supplies to the most deprived orphanages in Bulgaria.

The students were left feeling compelled to take action after watching a documentary on Bulgarian orphanages while studying privation as part of their AS Psychology course.

As well as collecting basic necessities such as toothpaste, toilet rolls and soap, around 20 students – who are all in Year 12 at King’s Ely Sixth Form – will be shipping out luxury goods including toiletries, clothing and toys in the hope they bring a smile to the faces of children far less fortunate than themselves.

Sean Quinn, Head of Psychology at King’s Ely Senior, said: “Upset by what they saw in the documentary, a group of students approached me after the lesson to find out how they could help. Together we contacted the Linda McDonald Foundation, which ships out essential supplies to Bulgarian orphanages. The students were saddened further still to discover that even providing sufficient food for the children is a challenging task, and quickly set about collecting all kinds of items to donate to the charity.”

“We found the video distressing as the children were severely malnourished and badly treated and we wanted to do something to help,” commented student Laura Huffer (17).

Ellie Banahan (16) added: “It was upsetting to see what little the children had, especially when we have so much. It is easy to take basic necessities such as soap for granted.”

In every single large town in Bulgaria there is an orphanage coping with between 50 and 120 children at any given time, ranging from a few days old to the age of 18. While staff do their best with the very limited resources available, conditions are often poor.

The students’ donations will be sent to the Linda McDonald Foundation in Northern Ireland later this week, where they will be shipped out to Bulgaria.

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