YEAR 1 pupils at King’s Ely Acremont enjoyed a wonderful Mad Hatter’s Tea Party just before half term.

The children had a busy morning preparing for the party, writing menus, decorating tablecloths, adding the finishing touches to their magnificent hats and creating a delicious range of eccentric party food!

Teacher of Year 1, Jo Lyall, said: “Having changed into our party clothes, and tumbled through the playing card tunnel into the Hall, we were delighted to find our old friend, Drama Teacher Barry Evans, who inspired us further with some wonderful games and dances.

“After a final ‘Lobster Quadrille’, we sat down to a resplendent party tea, starting with some crunchy crudités and fresh fruit. Then we munched our playing card biscuits and dainty decorated ‘Eat Me’ cookies. The highlight was that the ‘tea’ poured into our wafer cups turned out to be a chocolate milkshake – and even the cup was edible!”

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