THERE were smiles all round when children from King’s Ely Acremont (KEA) visited Ely fire station.

However, vital fire safety lessons were also learned during the fun-filled trips, which were organised for Reception and Year 2 pupils.

Members of Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service were on hand to educate their young visitors about the importance of fire safety, tell them more about the urgent nature of their jobs and of course show them some of their tools and equipment.

Assistant Head and Reception Teacher at KEA, Sarah Stevens, commented: “The children thoroughly enjoyed their trip to the fire station. They all drive or walk past the building every day on their way to school and have often wondered what goes on behind the doors. The crew took the children on a tour of the station, talked about the various jobs they were called out to and finished off with a session on fire safety. The highlight of the visit was having an opportunity to climb right up inside the fire engine itself!”

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