YOUNG athletes from King’s Ely brought home a grand total of 15 medals at the Cambridgeshire Athletics Association Championships over the half term holidays.

Gold medals were won by the impressive Gemma Gow, who finished a good five metres clear in the 100 metres final; Owen Cole, who gave a fine performance in the hurdles, despite limited training this term due to his many other sporting commitments; and Rasul Mohsumov, who won the shot after delaying his flight home so that he was able to compete. A further eight silver and two bronze medals were won on the day by King’s Ely Junior and Senior students.

Head of Athletics, Richard Powell, said: “Along with Owen Cole, Harriet Bruce and Max Stubbings showed that there is much talent coming up through King’s Ely Junior, particularly in Year 7, while Elric Doswell deserved more for his determined performances in three events, securing a silver in the triple jump. It was particularly pleasing to see the likes of Sam Hirons and Ollie Saunders still eager to do athletics when cricketing demands allow, thus showing that their ability as athletes remains high. Michael Brennan also deserves a special mention for winning silver in the Under 20 100 metres; Michael has kept his athletics going all the way through King’s Ely Senior and his contribution and example is much appreciated by staff and fellow pupils.”


Owen Cole: 1st in U13 Hurdles Final in 15.4; 11th in 800m Final in 2.56.3

Harriet Bruce: 2nd in U13 100m Final in 14.5; 2nd in High Jump with 1m 35cm; 1st in 100m Heat in 14.6

Max Stubbings: 2nd in U13 200m Final in 28.5; 5th in Long Jump with 4m 00cm; 1st in 200m Heat in 28.3

Gemma Gow: 1st in U17 100m Final in 12.9; 2nd in 200m Final in 26.9

Rasul Mohsumov: 1st in U17 Shot with 11m 74cm

Sam Hirons: 2nd in U17 100m Final in 12.0; 3rd in 200m Final in24.1

Ollie Saunders: 2nd in U17 Long Jump with 5m 42cm; 3rd in 100m Final in 12.0

Elric Doswell: 2nd In U17 Triple Jump with 12m 01cm; 4th in Long Jump with 5m 12cm; 6th in 100m Final in 12.3

Michael Brennan: 2nd in U20 100m Final in 11.3

Jacob Bush: 5th in U17 200m Final in 26.1; 8th in 100m Final in 13.0

James Robinson: 6th in U17 200m Final in 27.1; 6th in Long Jump with 4m 25cm; 9th in 100m Final in 13.4

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