An A-level student at King’s Ely has joined ‘Team Firefly’for their annual conference in Birmingham.

Adam Marsh, winner of Ely’s Young Photographer of the Year, was asked to present with founding partners as part of a major launch, unveiling some exciting developments and new, innovative features that are being rolled out to schools all over the world.

Firefly creates school intranet systems for hundreds of institutions worldwide that allow students and teachers to communicate more effectively, easily sharing both resources and information. At the launch, the company announced the release of three brand new, beautifully designed templates for schools to choose from, including one Adam himself created earlier this year. Elements from another of his templates were incorporated into another of the designs.

Adam was thrilled to be part of ‘Team Firefly’ and to have his talent recognised in such a high profile arena: “It was great to hear that a template I created from scratch is being made available to hundreds of schools worldwide. Working with everyone in the Firefly team was great fun and I am so pleased they like my work and chose to integrate it into their software. It is extremely rewarding knowing that my work will be used on a daily basis to enhance the education experience for students, staff and parents in many countries across the world”.

The Head of King’s Ely Senior, Alex McGrath, commented, “Adam’s work, produced on an internship which the school arranged for him at Firefly, has been honoured for its creativity, flair and technical proficiency. We are very proud of Adam’s achievements at King’s Ely, where he also takes part in filming and designing fabulous sports reports which are played weekly to our students in assembly. At King’s we have worked with Firefly, creating a wonderful interactive platform for students to learn remotely when at home, and an intranet within school. Firefly’s work with Adam has opened his eyes to opportunities in the world of graphic design and technology, and encouraged him enormously to follow a very bright future ahead of him in this industry.”

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