Sixth Form is a time to deepen your knowledge and understanding of your chosen subjects and to develop skills that will be the foundation of your time in Higher Education and the workplace. Your independent learning is key to your progress.

Our curriculum is wide enough to suit a broad range of interests. You can study all of the traditional academic subjects like Chemistry and English, pick up a new subject like Psychology, or pursue your creative interests in, for example, Music or Drama. We aim to ensure that a great variety of subject combinations are accommodated in the timetable.

In September 2017, all A Levels were reformed with most of our students taking three full A Level courses. As an addition, some opt for the Extended Project Qualification or an additional one-year AS course in Mathematics, a Modern Foreign Language or Latin.

Your subject choices will be based on your strengths and, of course, your preferences, but they will also importantly take account of your ambitions for Higher Education and life after school. The Sixth Form team is available to help you with that choice, even before you enter the Sixth Form.