Deemed in recent inspection reports to be ‘outstanding’, pastoral care at King’s Ely underpins all we do. Working closely with parents, we are there for each student, celebrating their achievements, supporting them through the inevitable problems that arise in adolescence, and helping all in our care to develop into responsible, grounded and exciting young people. School Counsellors are available at the Medical Centre, should a student require confidential support in times of trouble. Students also have access to our school Chaplain and Community Welfare Advisor.

The tutorial system also provides structure and continuity for each student, with (wherever possible) a Form Tutor assigned to a student for the three years they are in King’s Ely Senior. This relationship and in-depth knowledge is invaluable for the effective support of each student in academic work, revision and subject selection at GCSE and A Level and is built up through regular group meetings and individual tutorials.