“The only person with whom you have to compare yourself is you in the past.”Sigmund Freud

Psychology A Level is an applied science that seeks to understand individual and group behaviour and the mind. Students’ understanding of Psychology is achieved through the critical analysis of influential research and theories.

The first year of study focuses on Social Influence, considering factors that lead to conformity, obedience and social change; the Cognitive approach, which considers the Models of Memory, forgetting and Eye Witness testimony; and Developmental Psychology, considering theories of attachment, cultural variations and the effects of disruption to attachment.

The second unit focuses on Approaches to Psychology, examining the main theoretical stalwarts that underpin the disciple; Psychopathology, which looks at the causes and treatments of common mental illnesses; and Biopsychology, examining brain function and bodily responses to thoughts and experiences.

Research Methods involve an exploration of how research and data are handled and is studied throughout the two years. In the second year, students study issues and debates and three optional topics in more detail.

Psychology is a popular subject at King’s Ely, with two sets in both Year 12 and Year 13. The department is highly progressive and seeks to utilise technology and blended learning tools to support and engage students while promoting independent enquiry and GRIT.

After King’s Ely, students frequently study Psychology at prominent universities or draw on their knowledge and experiences in future careers in Business, Economics, Marketing, Education or Counselling.