At King’s Ely, we provide a varied, purposeful and enjoyable Physical Education programme that provides every student with the chance to achieve, thereby increasing self-esteem. We aim to develop a positive attitude towards Physical Education, encouraging participation in post-school recreation and the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.

Within the Physical Education department, we aim to utilise a broad range of teaching styles to cater for all of our learners, ensuring both short and long-term success in physical activities.

GCSE and A Level courses embrace the theory of anatomy, physiology, skill acquisition, sports psychology and the socio-cultural factors that determine sporting success. This truly is a field of study which provides the student with a whole host of career and Higher Education options.

After leaving King’s Ely, many students head to leading sports universities, both in this country and abroad, with some going on to pursue careers as professional sportsmen and women, teachers, coaches, personal trainers and more.