In Year 9, we follow the themes of Digital Creativity and Literacy, Digital Coding and Digital Citizenship. Pupils develop knowledge and understanding of website development, spreadsheets, graph drawing and advanced word processing, among a range of Office applications. We cover programming using Python, and students are educated in the wider social aspects of the subject, including how to use the internet safely and respectfully. Students are also shown a range of apps that will help them in subjects when bringing their own device (BYOD) into school.

Our curriculum is continually evolving as new technologies become available. Skills learned in Year 9 are applied in subject areas in Years 10 and Year 11. Evidence of this work will also form part of a course completion certificate of competences for the course which we deliver. This provides a firm foundation for further study at GCSE or A Level Computer Science.

Our students take part in the Bebras Computational Thinking competition, where we have scored some impressive results. We run a programming and robotics enrichment afternoon once a week, where students have designed scrolling display boards and a rubrics cube solver with a real cube, and we take students to the Cambridge History of Computing Museum. Students studying A Level Computer Science visit the National Computing Centre at Bletchley Park.

We have placed students on computing based summer internships with renowned companies. We have many work experience students taking placements at local leading technology companies, including Raspberry Pi and Arm.

Our A Level Computer Science course covers a breadth of up-to-date understanding of the fundamentals of computer programming, networks and security. Each year, students go on to study Computer Science at universities including Oxbridge.