Almost everything that we experience in life will have a link to Politics in some form or another, whether it’s the amount of road tax we pay for our car, the subjects we are required to study at school or the cost of a filling at the dentist. Politics and politicians on a national and global scale will have an impact on our quality of life in the future. It is very easy to be cynical about the system and those within it; it is less easy to justify that cynicism if we do not really understand how it works and how we can make it work better. Government and Politics is about scrutinising our democracy and system of government as well as studying the ideologies behind the rhetoric of those who claim to, or want to, represent us.

For those who have a keen interest in current affairs and want to understand the world better, Government and Politics is an excellent choice to make. It combines perfectly with Geography, Economics and History and is well-regarded by universities across the board.

Former students have gone on to study Politics as a stand-alone subject or in combination with others at Russel Group institutions. International Relations has become increasingly popular at both undergraduate and graduate level.