“Challenge the brain as well as the taste buds.”AQA Exam Board

Food Preparation and Nutrition is a unique opportunity for our students to study a subject which encompasses many areas of life skills. Our students relish the opportunity to discover new foods, tastes, experiences and to develop culinary skills which will follow them for life.

The courses we offer allow students to develop practical cookery skills to a high level in a well-equipped kitchen. Through the study of food, students can make informed decisions about what, when and from where they obtain their ingredients. We are proudly unique in this geographical area, offering courses which are ideal for our forward-thinking and dedicated young people. Through this subject, our students gain a deeper understanding of the world around them and the issues which face an ever-increasing population.

At GCSE, students develop their understanding of food through topic areas. These areas encompass all aspects of food as a material, the science behind cooking, where their food comes from and how it is processed. Our students come from a wide range of backgrounds and this subject allows them to explore all areas of food from differing angles. The course is delivered in interesting and innovative ways, with the students carrying out investigations, practical tasks and a final examination.

In Sixth Form, we are one of only a few schools in the area offering a two-year Diploma in Food Science and Nutrition. This is a vocational course which allows students to explore the food industry, the catering industry and all aspect of food safety. As a department, we offer masterclasses and opportunities to extend the students’ learning in applied situations. Having studied Food Science and Nutrition at King’s Ely, students can go on to follow courses that cover Food and Nutrition, Human Nutrition, Public Health, Food Science and Technology, to name just a few. Many of our students use the skills and competencies gained through the study of food in their further studies at university or future career choices.