Students do not need to be thinking about a career in the film industry to study Film Studies. The subject covers many respected disciplines such as Art, Literature, History, Religion and Psychology.

There is no question that Film has been the dominant artistic force of the 20th century and continues to be so. We have grown up learning the language of film, seeing the world as film-makers do and interpreting our life through the narrative of film. Film Studies allows students to gain a greater understanding of how film-makers achieve this and it offers opportunities for further learning by being a film-maker themselves.

We teach students how to tell stories using a camera and we have a good range of them, from simple camcorders to an action Go-Pro and a Canon DSLR with full filming rig. Students can also learn how to edit a film, how to lead the viewer’s eye and to entertain and enlighten, shock and stimulate.

The syllabus covers a diverse range of films, not just American but respected masterpieces from Europe and South America. Different genres of film are studied such as documentary, the early silent era, classic Hollywood and modern British comedy.

As well as being a subject which can be enjoyed alongside other studies, Film Studies can be a springboard for many interesting careers – just consider all of the names and their roles credited at the end of a film.