At King’s Ely Senior, specialist teachers encourage students to realise ambitious outcomes and foster independent, adventurous creativity. Our courses offer freedom, diversity and independence and an ultimate aim to achieve success. Students can be sure to have a wonderful time working within a well-resourced department that will create every opportunity for them to reach their full potential.

In Year 9, students have the opportunity to develop their creativity and imagination, working within specialist areas such as Textile Design and Fine Art. Through formal assignment briefs, students are able to build on their practical and critical skills and extend their knowledge and experience of materials, processes and techniques. They engage confidently with art, craft and design in the contemporary world and from different times and cultures, visiting various art galleries to enhance this experience.

GCSE Textile Design, Fine Art and Photography courses provide the opportunity to explore the practical development of ideas and use of media in a highly stimulating atmosphere. Students will gain an understanding of contexts in art, craft and design and have the chance to participate in a variety of art excursions as well as regular collaborative exhibitions. Students will follow a specialist approach which focuses on Textile Design, Fine Art or Photography and some students will select more than one GCSE option. We also offer a one-year GCSE Art and Design for international students.

At A Level, we guide and support students to achieve the highest examination results possible in Fine Art, Textile Design and Photography, seeking to provide a centre for excellence and creative fulfilment that goes beyond the acquisition of grades. We work hard to provide enjoyable yet challenging and stimulating schemes of work, enabling students to achieve beyond their aspirations and to open doors that may otherwise be closed.

Our students participate in regional, national and international exhibitions and competitions and many go on to further their artistic education at a wide range of highly-regarded universities and colleges, including: Chelsea, Ravensbourne, Nottingham, Central Saint Martins, The Bartlett Institute, Royal School of Needlework, Hampton Court Palace, Loughborough, Edinburgh, Manchester and Falmouth.

Notable alumni with careers in the arts industry include Rupert Sanderson, Ed Waites, Aubrey Powell, Alex Allpress, Kamelia Bin Zaal, Cassie Hone, Jeremy May and Hugh Miles.