The wonderful thing about being a child at King’s Ely Acremont is the fact that school life is packed full of surprises and exciting encounters. This week was no exception when the six year olds set off to visit the Vera James Nursing Home in Ely to ‘interview’ two residents about their childhood memories.

As part of this term’s ‘Memories’ topic, teachers took a Year 1 class to the Vera James Care Home to find out about life when these elderly residents were children just like them. The young visitors had thought very carefully about their questions prior to the trip and now, back in school, are busy preparing posters on their research.

The staff and residents were extremely complimentary about the children’s behaviour and manners and, judging by the photograph, one lady in particular was totally charmed by her companions. The school are hoping to set up an ‘Adopt a Granny’ scheme as a follow up.

Dr Lynda Brereton, Head of King’s Ely Acremont, expressed her delight at the scheme commenting, “The children have thoroughly enjoyed finding out, first hand, about life as a child in the past. The children were made very welcome at Vera James and hope to return very soon.”

Next week, Year 1 will visit Ely Museum and continue their research into life in days gone by.


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