In a caring, welcoming school like King’s Ely Acremont, children feel valued and well supported; they make friends and have fun. Children are taught to be mindful of themselves and others and kindness is a key value. Feeling secure and well cared for enables each child to grow in confidence and fulfil their potential.

Children take great pride in their achievements whether in work, play or behaviour. With the younger children, notable effort is instantly rewarded with a sticker, which is worn with pride and shared with parents at the end of the day.

We have a House system and older children earn House points for effort in class, around school and in the playground. Merit Certificates are awarded for special effort, achievement or behaviour.

A treasured Kindness Cup is awarded weekly in each year group. Each time this is presented, the reason is shared, reinforcing the behaviour and attitude we expect.

Lunch time is a special time in the King’s Ely Acremont day when we all meet together. Healthy eating habits are developed, table-manners are modelled, and the children enjoy tasting foods that perhaps they don’t usually eat at home. All the food is freshly prepared in the King’s Ely Acremont kitchens, using high-quality ingredients and locally-sourced produce wherever possible.

We can cater for special diets and invite parents needing such provision to come and discuss their child’s requirements.