STUDENTS and staff at King’s Ely are celebrating an excellent set of GCSE results today (25), with over half of all grades being an A^, A* or A (52%) and 95% achieving A* to C grades.

A total of 11 students received all A* and A grades a further 7 achieved all A*, A and B grades. Among the highest achievers were Kitty (Catherine) Foster and Katie Diss, who both achieved 11A* and A^ in Further Maths.

In English, 84% of students achieved an A* to B grade, whilst 81% achieved this in Maths. All pupils achieved at least a C grade in both Maths and English. In Biology and Chemistry, 94 and 98% respectively achieved A* to B grades. Departments where all students achieved A* to B include Drama, Textiles, Greek, Latin and Further Maths.

Many students achieved full marks in their exams, including Emily Baker in Fine Art; Kitty Foster in Greek, Biology, Chemistry and Physics; Zoe Danes in Religious Studies; Katie Diss in Chemistry and Religious Studies; Freia Gould in Religious Studies and PE; James Graver in Biology and Physics; Jack Laud in Physics and Chemistry and Will Young in Physics; Marco Cin, Jelena Rois, Sophie Wood and Anthony Taylor Gutierrez in Spanish; and Sally Kim in Chemistry.

Jane Thomas, Vice Principal Academic, commented: “These results are a testament to the hard work and focus of both students and teachers. We are very proud of all of our young people receiving their results today.”

Of the 35 international students who have followed King’s Ely’s one year course, 7 achieved 100% passes at A* to A, with Marc Serna Alberdi achieving 1 A^, 4A* and 2 A grades, and both Eric Lin and Kayla Wang achieving 5A* and 2 A grades.

Matthew Norbury, Academic Director of International Programmes, commented: “To achieve these results over two years in your mother tongue would be outstanding; to do so after only two terms of study in a foreign language really is inspirational. These results bear testimony to the focus, determination and hard work of not just our international students but the classroom teachers who guide and inspire them.”

Principal of King’s Ely, Sue Freestone, echoes the comments of her colleagues, praising the quality of input from King’s Ely teachers: “It is a real joy to see the delight and relief on the faces of our students as they reap the reward of years of commitment to their studies.”

The breakdown of King’s Ely’s 2016 GCSE results is below:

% A^/A* = 23.2

% A^/A*/A = 52.1

% A*-B = 78.5

% A*-C = 95.3

% A*-E = 99.9

% 5x A*-C = 97.9

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