NUTRITION and healthy eating were on order at King’s Ely Junior this week, with a number of events taking place to raise awareness of the importance of a well-balanced diet and the skills needed to achieve it.

The King’s Ely Junior Masterchef final saw pupils from Years 6, 7 and 8 cooking up a range of dishes, including a trio of desserts, scotch egg and salad, sticky toffee pudding and a pineapple dessert. After much deliberation, it was 12-year-old Charlotte Wilkinson who wowed the judges with her outstanding skill and presentation.

The week ended with a cook-along session for Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Day, aimed at teaching children how food impacts health and happiness. Students spent the afternoon cooking a nutritious meal from scratch, following Jamie Oliver’s live feed.

Head of Food Technology, Jayne Mackay, who organised the events, stressed the importance of teaching food and nutrition in school: “Cooking is an essential life skill. We introduced the King’s Ely Junior Masterchef to showcase the considerable talent of some of our students and to encourage others to give it a go. We share Jamie Oliver’s mantra that every child in this country has a right to learn to cook, and next year we will be planning a massive food revolution day of our own.”

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