CHILDREN from King’s Ely Acremont have been learning about local history and wildlife this term while working in tandem with the Education Department at Wicken Fen.

The Year 1 pupils enjoyed three visits to Wicken Fen, one of the UK’s oldest nature reserves, where they learnt about habitats, did pond dipping, made camouflaged dens for observing wildlife and made tree and mud sculptures. One of the Education Officers made three visits to the Acremont grounds, where the children learnt about combustion and fire safety as part of their science project. Everyone helped to create a large bonfire and cooked hot dogs and marshmallows, which the children then enjoyed. They also dissected owl pellets, discovering tiny skulls, teeth and bones from animals ea

ten by owls at Wicken Fen.

Head of Acremont, Lynda Brereton said: “This project was a super springboard for learning and greatly enhanced our creative curriculum. The children had so much fun in their roles as ‘Acremont Foresters’ and have benefited from a variety of wonderful experiences.”

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