“Florence joined King’s Ely Junior in Year 7 after a long and thorough search for a secondary school that we felt would best suit, support and develop her main area of interest. Flo loves Drama, particularly Musical Theatre, and we knew that we needed to find a school that would fuel her passion, as well as offering her a great all round education in a caring and nurturing environment.

“We believed strongly that King’s Ely was the best fit for her, and in the ensuing two years have been proved absolutely right. She settled in extremely quickly with a fabulous and fun, like-minded year group, and was supported well pastorally in her first few weeks as she adjusted to being at a new school that was not that close to home.

“We are continually amazed and overwhelmed by the scale of opportunity that is available to the children in terms of Music and Theatre. Flo has immersed herself thoroughly and has relished the opportunity to perform in two massive school productions – CATS, and more recently Seussical the Musical.

“Outside of musical theatre she has developed vocally under the guidance of the inspirational Director of Music at King’s Ely Junior. She is thrilled to form part of the Junior School Chamber Choir and is excited for her second overseas Choir Tour.

“We couldn’t have found a more perfect place for our daughter, and are incredibly proud to see her flourishing at a school she is so clearly thrilled to be at. She is looking forward to rising to the challenge of Senior School this coming September and is delighted to have been awarded a Drama Scholarship.”

King’s Ely Junior parents, Mr and Mrs Nell

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