Fees and charges for 2019/20

Boarding fees
Year GroupTermly Fees (Boarding)Annual Fees (Boarding)
King’s Ely Junior International
King’s Ely Senior International

Day fees
Year Group   Termly Fees (Day)Annual Fees (Day)Flexi/Occasional Boarding (per night)
King's Ely Junior International Curriculum*£7,720£23,160 £48
King's Ely Senior International Curriculum*£10,335£31,005 £56

* The King’s Ely International curriculum is a specialised, intense curriculum for pupils from overseas wishing to start in an English speaking/UK school curriculum environment. The International curriculum fees do not apply to pupils entering the standard UK curriculum offering yet are residents overseas.

Registration Fee

A non-refundable registration fee of £100, payable once only, is required when a pupil first registers for King’s Ely. For students domiciled outside the EEA, the registration fee is £150.

How to pay

Our method for receiving funds from non-UK domiciled parents (and re-paying funds, eg returning Acceptance Deposits) is through Flywire – an international payment system created specifically to allow international funds transfer for educational purposes. The system is secure and offers an end-to-end traceable service at very competitive rates. What a payee pays is the total cost. There are no further additions or deductions taken by routing banks or high street bank currency conversion rates. Please see our Flywire site for more information and to make a payment, with instruction guides in different languages on how to make a payment. When making a payment for the Registration Fee or Deposit, please ensure that the child’s last name and the words ‘Reg Fee’ or ‘Deposit’ are used as the paying reference.

Acceptance Deposit

An Acceptance Deposit (with an Additional Deposit for international domiciled parents) is required on entry into the school as per the table below.  For the sake of clarity, the Additional Deposit is levied dependent on where the parents are resident, not where funds are paid from (except UK Forces/UK Diplomats/Civil Servants serving overseas on a “posting”).

If you have paid an Acceptance Deposit using previously published rates, at the next move between Nursery and Reception, Year 2 into Year 3, or between Year 8 and Year 9 the level of deposit will need to be brought up to the level shown within the table below:

Year GroupOn First Entry (Offer letters dated after 13 February 2017)
Little Ones, Plus Twos and Nursery£125
Reception, 1 and 2£500
Any International Domiciled Students (non-EEA) in any section of the School£500 plus 1 term's fees (including the Additional Deposit), adjusted annually to reflect the fees at time of Acceptance.

The Acceptance  Deposits will be retained within the general funds of the School until the pupil leaves and will be repaid by means of a credit without interest to the final payment of Fees or other sums due to the School on leaving. The final bill is issued towards the end of the first half of the term following the term the student left.

The Additional Deposit for international domiciled students will be retained within the general funds of the School until the pupil leaves and will be repaid by means of a credit without interest to the final payment of Fees or other sums due to the School on leaving. The final bill is issued towards the end of the first half of the term following the term the student left.

What is included in the fees

The school fees include breakfast, lunch and an evening meal for Boarders and lunch for Day pupils. The tuition fee also includes school trips where they are compulsory for whole year groups, Sunday excursions (but not the residential trips), text books and an issue of basic stationery. IGCSE examination entry fees are also included within the KEI/KEJi tuition fees.

The school fees for King’s Ely Senior International (KEI) and King’s Ely Junior International (KEJi) students also include:

  • The first arrival airport to school and final departure school to airport transfer journey
  • A number of curriculum and weekend visits to various parts of UK to learn and experience different aspects of culture and tradition in UK
  • Comprehensive personal possessions insurance for students (up to £7,500 limit per pupil).

Any one-to-one extra/private tuition is charged directly to parents by private tutors.

Any charges arising from requests for examination re-marks, appeals, or late changes in examination entries requested by pupils/parents will require payment in advance via debit/credit card or bank transfer.

The school reserves the right to charge for any damage caused and for the replacement of lost items.

For any charges for items not included within the published termly/daily fees you will either have requested it (e.g. an excursion) or you will have been asked if you wish to opt for whatever is being offered (e.g. a school photograph). Any requested or agreed extra charges will be added to your next fees invoice.

Billing process

Invoices are sent three times a year, by email as a PDF attachment, approximately three weeks before the payment due date. Invoices are payable in full a week prior to the start of each term. The invoice will clearly state the date by which fees are payable.

If making a payment from a non-UK bank account, please use the service provided by Flywire to settle the invoice. Flywire has a guarantee to be the cheapest cost for international bank transfers (conditions apply) when paying via bank transfer (as opposed to paying via debit or credit card card). The service is secure, intuitive to use, fixes exchange rates for a period of time from initial ‘purchase’, allows the transactions to be tracked at all stages, and incurs no other fees that the rate paid.  Please see www.flywire.com/kingsely for further details.

If paying from a UK bank account, our overwhelming preference is for fees to be paid via internet banking/bank transfer direct into the school’s bank account, using the child’s fee account reference as the paying reference (to allow us to reconcile the payment to the correct child’s fee account). A lesser preferred alternative is payment by cheque drawn on a  pound sterling bank account. We do not accepts cheques/money orders from non‑pound sterling accounts and nor do we accept cash for payment of fees (any cash payments should be made to us via the payee’s bank or by paying cash over the counter in a Lloyds Bank for credit direct into our school bank account). The school’s bank account details are on each invoice.

Debit and credit cards are accepted in person at the Accounts office or over the telephone (with the appropriate card transaction fees added to the payee’s account).  Debit card transactions over the value of £1,000 will not attract a transaction fee (all credit card transactions will attract the merchant fee).

Private music lessons

Individual music lessons are delivered by Visiting Music Teachers (VMT) at the rate of £39.32 per hour (£24.25 per 37 minute lesson). The normal termly charge is for a “package” of 10 x 37 minute lessons at £242.50 (£727.50 per academic year). Music lessons are invoiced by the self-employed VMT concerned in advance direct to the parents, except where music lessons are offered free as part of a scholarship/Chorister or other package, in which case VMTs will invoice the School directly each term. Ceasing of lessons should be notified directly to the VMT a term in advance otherwise fees to the parents will be charged by the VMT.

Any missed lessons, without sufficient prior notice to cancel the music/instrument singing lesson will be billed directly to the parents, including those where free music lessons are awarded.

Giving notice to withdraw

For our planning purposes, it is part of our Terms and Conditions, that anyone wishing to withdraw their child from school (or change between boarding and day), a full term’s written notice is required so we can plan ahead accordingly. Failure to provide such notice to withdraw your child from King’s Ely or make material changes to the sessions pre-booked without notice will result in an invoice for Fees in Lieu of Notice (FiLON) equating to a ‘normal’ full term’s fees for your child.  Please do remember, if you wish to make any significant changes you must provide a full term’s notice.