Governors offer means-tested financial support for a number of eligible children who would not otherwise be able to take advantage of the education King’s Ely can offer. These Bursaries may apply to new applicants (Entrance) or to existing pupils in the event of unforeseen changed circumstances (Hardship). The School’s remissions policy can be accessed via the school’s website (policies > remissions policy) – https://www.kingsely.org/policies.

Bursary assistance is generally to assist pupils up to and including taking their GCSEs; although some financial assistance is provided within the 6th Form upon application.

Both Entrance and Hardship Bursaries are means-tested using an application process through Bursary Administration Limited (BAL). On behalf of the School, BAL interview and assess each new applicant, generally with a visit to their home (by telephone under pandemic conditions), before assimilating the information into a short factual report and a sheet summarising the financial information from each application. The School’s Bursary Committee use the information from BAL to inform their decisions on the level of Bursary assistance to award each applicant. As part of the application process, parents will be asked for their consent for us to share their contact details and data with BAL.

The household income from all sources will be taken into account along with the value of monthly commitments, any investments, equity value in the home and level of mortgage. As a general rule, those with second/investment properties (unless it is their business/source of income), will preclude a Bursary being awarded. Likewise, a significant value of equity in the family home, a below average level of mortgage (related to earnings), any higher than normal levels of pension fund values, and more general lifestyle choices will all be factored into the Committee’s decision making.

The paperwork required to support an application consists of the following for each party to the application:

Most recent 3 payslips; most recent P60; most recent audited accounts/management accounts (as appropriate); most recent income tax self-assessment; Schedule D self-employment income declaration; 3 months’ bank/savings/loan statements; proof of value of investments; most recent pension and/or endowment valuation; any benefits letters; most recent mortgage statement/rental agreement; most recent contents insurance schedule; details of any legal financial agreements.

Some applicants have said they felt the process was intrusive and uncomfortable but in order to ensure our limited funds are prioritised we need to be rigorous in the means testing process.

The level of Bursary award for each pupil, which may be up to 100% in exceptional circumstances, will be reviewed annually through a means-tested review carried out by BAL (normally a desktop review). By recommendation of the Principal and at the discretion of Governors, a Scholarship or Award may be supplemented by a Bursary.

Parents of new pupil applicants to the School requesting an Entrance Bursary will only be invited to submit a Bursary application once they have fully registered their child through the normal Admissions process.

Once a pupil has been offered a place, a new request to submit an Entrance Bursary application will not be accepted.

Clear timelines, with cut-off dates for the Bursary application process for new admissions and those wishing to apply for a continuation, are detailed below.

Hardship Bursaries for existing King’s Ely families can be submitted at any time, generally to cover immediate, short-term, unpredictable changes to circumstances. The first point of contact would normally be the Head of the appropriate section of the school.

Bursary applications (Entrance and continuation) will be assessed by the Bursary Committee at various times between December and July each year.

Entrance Bursary assistance is not offered to new International domiciled pupils.  Short-term, in-year hardship bursary requests for existing international domiciled pupils will be considered if there are extenuating circumstances and a fully declared means-tested application can be fairly and fully assessed remotely.

The Ovin Bursary is awarded to a deserving and outstanding pupil from East Anglia seeking to be a day pupil in the Sixth Form, whose circumstances would normally preclude such an opportunity. This award is means-tested and may represent up to 100% of day fees. The Ovin Bursary is not applied for but is awarded by the Bursary Committee to the most appropriate Bursary applicant.

The Relithan Bursary is another Bursary award to a deserving 6th former awarded by the Bursary Committee to the most suitable applicant.

The Ben Fawcett Award is to commemorate a former Headmaster and is awarded to support a student studying either for GCSE or A Level.


Timelines for Bursary applications for the 2023-24 Academic Year

Entrance Bursaries

Year 12 entry:

Owing to the timescales surrounding Year 12 entry decisions, any enquiries/requests for Entrance Bursaries for those starting Year 12 at King’s Ely in September 2024 should be received by 20th October 2023 (but preferably earlier, as part of the discussions during the Admissions/Registration process).

Those wishing to apply for a Bursary will be sent the application forms and details by 23rd October 2023 with a deadline for applicants to submit their completed application with supporting documentation by 6th November 2023.

We have pre-arranged for BAL to make home visits/remote interviews for applicants between 14th to 15th November 2023 in order parents can be notified of any award by early December.  Applicants should be ready to accept a home visit/telephone interview by BAL on either of these dates.

Entrance Bursaries For other Year Groups:

Any requests for Entrance Bursaries for those starting at King’s Ely in September 2023 should be received by Admissions before 8th November 2023 (but preferably earlier, as part of discussions during the Admissions/Registration process).

An invitation to submit an application, with details of the information required to support the application, timescales, and the process will be sent to parents no later than 15th November 2023, with a deadline to submit their application and supporting documentation by 15th December 2023.

We have pre-arranged for BAL to make home visits/remote interviews for applicants on 3rd to 5th January 2024 in order parents can be notified of any award by early February.  Applicants should be ready to accept a home visit/telephone interview by BAL on either of these dates.

Any requests to apply for an Entrance Bursary for academic year starting September 2024 received after 8th November 2023 will be deferred until smaller rounds of application assessments which will take place during March, May and early June, with decisions being notified shortly after each meeting.

Continuation of an existing Bursary

Parents of children already awarded Bursaries for the academic year 2024-25 will be emailed by mid November inviting them to submit a review application form and supporting paperwork to the Chief Financial Officer by 15 December 2023. We will share application packs with BAL via their secure SharePoint site in order they have the information available to conduct desktop/telephone reviews. These reviews will need to be conducted by 6 January 2023.

BAL have a deadline of 23 January 2023 to get their information to the school to allow a Bursary Committee meeting in time to provide parents with the outcome in the third week of February 2023.

Any applications received after the 15 December deadline will be deferred until another Committee meeting planned to be held in the Spring of 2024.

Any questions from an existing parent about Bursaries should be directed in the first instance to the Head of the relevant section of the school or to the Chief Financial Officer.