The school tries to include as much as possible within the published day and boarding fees. Many of our extra-curricular activities are inclusive within the termly fees. However, a number of items are charged as extras on your bill.

Generally, extra charges come about by either parental request (e.g. an elective school trip) or you will have been asked if you wish to opt for whatever is being offered (e.g. a school photograph or opt-in insurance). Any requested or agreed extra charges will normally be added to your next fees invoice (i.e. charged in arrears) or in some cases you will be asked for payment at the time (e.g. school trips).

Examples of extra charges (or costs to be borne by families directly) are below:

Uniform and personal sports equipment

All uniform, whether purchased new from the school’s supplier or from the parent volunteers second-hand uniform shop, is a charge to the parents, either directly or if an emergency, in-term purchase, added to the fee account as an extra item.

School photographs

Any school, House or team photographs are ordered by parents. The charges are added as an extra on the school fee account.

School-organised extra tuition

Extra tuition arranged by the school is normally included within the fees. However, if the need is greater than that considered reasonable, the school will liaise directly with the parents to agree a suitable and fair charging structure for whatever bespoke arrangement is required to best suit the circumstances. Such agreed extra charges would be added to the school fee account.
The school has a number of former King’s Ely teachers on arrangement (i.e. all checked from a child safeguarding perspective) who will gladly offer their services directly to parents if the parent wishes to arrange for private extra tuition for their child. The arrangement is between the parents and the private teacher, as are all financial transactions. If a parent wishes to arrange an independent private tutor to provide extra tuition for their child on school premises, if there are any child safeguarding compliance related costs for the school to ensure the visiting tutor is appropriately Child Protection trained/checked, those charges will be passed onto the parent as an extra change, after first forewarning the parents.


If your child needs physiotherapy as recommended by our Medical Centre team and/or a GP, we have an arrangement with a local Physiotherapy Practice in Ely whereby the Practice staff have gone through the necessary child safeguarding checks and the school can provide a matron/staff member to escort children to the Practice at certain times each week. The care is private and any agreed treatment would be paid for directly by parents to the Practice. For the initial consultation the Medical Centre would normally liaise directly with parents. There are agreed rates for Physiotherapy sessions that parents can take advantage of if they so wish. Please contact Fenland Physio.

Home-school-home minibus route fees

The school provides a limited number of minibus routes to King’s Ely morning and evening. Places are pre-booked for each term in advance, with some parents requesting an occasional place. The separate routes are essentially from Cambridge Science Park, Newmarket, and Huntingdon to King’s Ely, with stops at various convenient points along each route. The charges for use of the bus are charged as extras on the fee account. The detailed routes/timetables and fees for each route can be found here.

Flexi/occasional Boarding/Day pupil Late Stays

Parents can request that their children either board occasionally (one-off occasions) or routinely, at a fixed cost per night. Availability will depend on bed space for age/gender of the child. This can be arranged through the Director of Boarding. We can also cater for a limited number of ‘Late Stays’ for day pupils to have their supper and supervised evening prep for an extra fee charge on a daily basis.

Wrap Around Care

Any care provided outside the normal school day (e.g. breakfast or “Owls” in Acremont) is a chargeable extra at the daily published rate. Any extra sessions within the Nursery are charged as extras if they are over and above the number of pre-booked sessions. Details can be found on our main Fees and Charges page.

Private music/vocal/drama lessons

Individual Music/Drama/Trinity lessons are delivered by Visiting Teachers (VTs). We have agreed a rate with our VTs for the provision of private lessons, more information on which can be found on our main Fees and Charges page.

Text books

Sixth Form students (Years 12 and 13) are expected to buy their own text books to allow individual annotation. This may also apply to a limited number of texts in earlier years.

Examination fees

Examination fees as charged by the examination boards for AS and A Level examinations are onward charged as extras on the child’s fee account in addition to the published school/tuition fees.

Examination re-marks

Any charges arising from requests for examination re-marks, appeals or late changes in examination entries requested by pupils/parents will be added to the next school fee account. Leavers’ final fee accounts/deposit refunds will not be generated until the examination re-mark deadline has passed.

Music and drama exams

Examination fees as charged by the examination boards for Music and/or Drama examinations are onward charged as extras on the child’s fee account in addition to the published school/tuition fees.

Elective school trips

Any elective school trip is charged for. There is normally a deposit to pay to secure a place. Owing to the overall cost of the trip, charges for elective trips are normally made directly to parents and outside of the fee billing cycle.

The deposit and trip fee is normally not refundable (unless the whole trip does not go ahead owing to the minimum numbers not being reached at the outset). Payment for trips should be made via bank transfer and not to the teacher organising the trip. Cash should not be used to pay for trips.

Comprehensive school travel insurance provides cover for eventualities of a student falling ill or some other insured eventuality preventing the person going on the trip. Any insurance excess is for the parent to absorb. Proof of illness (e.g. via a GP’s note) is normally required to support any claim. The cost of the insurance is always included within the overall trip fee.

The school has a policy of not making any profit from school trips. Any excess at funds at the end of a trip are refunded directly to parents.

Old Eleans membership subscription

The cost of lifetime membership of the Old Eleans club is £120, payable over three terms when a pupil first enters King’s Ely Senior. Pupils undertaking the International Programme are offered membership and charged in full on departure from King’s Ely (or over three terms on entry into King’s Ely Senior). All parents of children starting in King’s Ely Senior are written to explaining the charge and given the opportunity of opting out of the membership and £120 one-off fee.

Damage/Breakages/Lost items

The school reserves the right to charge for any damage caused and the replacement of lost items.

Late payment fees

Save where alternative provisions for the payment of interest are contained in a separate consumer credit agreement made between the Parents and the School, simple interest may be charged on a day-to-day basis on Fees which are unpaid. The rate of interest charged at a rate up to 2% per month accruing on a daily basis.

Dental treatment (boarders)

We request that routine dental treatment is carried out during school holidays/whilst at home. If a child needs emergency dental treatment during term time, we will either arrange that the parent pays the dental cost directly, or if it is necessary that the school pays on behalf of the parents we will invoice the dental fee as an extra.

Taxi fees

Any taxi arranged by the school for start/end of holiday transport to/from an airport or train station requested by the parents will be charged as an extra cost on the following school fee account (except where included within the International Programme fees).

After school activities and clubs

Charges as levied by providers for after school activities or clubs will be passed onto parents as agreed between parents and those organising the clubs. This includes activities such as judo, golf, climbing, private tennis lessons, archery, clay pigeon shooting etc.

Weekend activities for boarders

Many in-house activities are not charged but excursions are charged at cost price as extras on the next term’s fee account.


The school ensures there is a comprehensive suite of insurances in place at all times. We have all the necessary buildings, employer and public liability, motor, and other ‘operational’ insurances, including travel, in place.

Queries related to insurance should be directed to the Chief Financial Officer, Mrs Fiona Sanders-Hewett, via or 01353 660700.