AWARD-WINNING documentary director, Jerry Rothwell, has been assisting a student from King’s Ely Sixth Form with his A2 Film Studies project.

The British Independent Film Awards 2015 Best British Documentary Nominee has been working with Year 13’s Toby Roney, who has chosen to study the director and his multi-award-winning features, which include Donor Unknown, Heavy Load and Deep Water.

“As part of the A2 Film Studies course, students have the opportunity to study a film topic that appeals to them,” explained Steven Merrell, Head of Film and Media Studies at King’s Ely Senior. “In September, Toby watched Jerry’s latest film, the critically acclaimed How to Change the World – a thought-provoking documentary about the environmental action organisation, Greenpeace, and wanted to know more about its director and base his study on his documentaries. With encouragement, Toby found some contact details for him and sent a hopeful email. To our delight, Jerry replied, agreeing to help him with the research for his project. Toby was able to interview and record Jerry and he now has some primary evidence to aid his study.”

Toby, who hopes to study practical filmmaking in higher education and is an active and enthusiastic filmmaker, said: “I am very pleased that Jerry Rothwell replied to me. I find his work innovative, interesting and inspirational. I will be using his work and the interview with him as an important stepping stone to my study.”

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