This notice is specific to our alumni, friends and supporters and the personal data held by the Development Office who are responsible for alumni relations, events and charitable giving to the School. The Office works in accordance with the School’s Data Protection Policy. These additional notes set out how the Development Office protects and uses your data.

The Club is a separate entity to the School and has charged the school with maintaining and protecting the data of its members. The Club do not have sight of your personal data. The School may share some reporting with the Club for instance: the total number of members, how many members are contactable by email or the number of members in a certain geographic area. This helps the Club to plan events and to track their membership.

We are committed to ensuring our communications with you are secure, considered and welcome. All personal data is held and processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1988 and the School’s Data Protection policy which can be viewed in the policies section of our website. The school is also updating their policies in light of the GDPR regulations.

Any personal data we hold is stored securely with access restricted to authorised personnel only. Most of the information we hold will have been obtained directly from you. We may also use historical data from school records and publicly available information.

The types of personal data we record may include:

  • Biographical information including your name, gender and date of birth
  • Your contact details and your communication preferences
  • Your dates of attendance at the school and which House you were part of
  • Your interests as expressed to us in our sign up form
  • Your professional activity and whether you have indicated a willingness to mentor our students
  • Your family and partner/spouse’s details eg. Name of spouse and/or children
  • Your relationships with other alumni, donors and friends or current students
  • Your donation history and Gift Aid records
  • Records of communication we have had with you
  • Your attendance at School or Club events
  • Whether you are a member of The Old Eleans’ Club or The Society of Ely Choristers

We store this data so we can ensure that the communications we send you and the way in which they are sent are relevant to you and respect your chosen communication preferences.

We may also use your data to contact you to mentor our students or to invite you to speak at the school. When we have a specific fundraising goal we may look at your interests and previous donations so that we can contact you with relevant information. We also filter data by year group, House, activity or geographical location so that we can invite you to specific events such as reunions and regional events.

Your data is never shared with external organisations other than those who are acting as an agent for the School and with whom the school has a data sharing agreement. For instance, from time to time our database is screened against the Telephone Preference Service list by a third party acting on our behalf. The School never sells or swaps your data with third parties.

Your data will never be shared with individuals seeking to get back in touch with you, in this instance and depending on your communication preferences a message may be sent to you by the Development Office with a request to reconnect.

If you have interacted with the school or club through our LinkedIn or Facebook pages and depending on your Privacy Settings we may check details such as your address against our records to ensure we have the correct contact details for you.

From time to time we seek to reconnect with ‘lost alumni’ through research using publicly available information. In these cases we may email, telephone or send post to an individual inviting them to reconnect with us.

If you have attended a School/Club event at which photography/video is taken we may use these on the School/Club’s social media sites or in our alumni newsletter. If you have any concerns about the use of your image please contact the Development Office.

You have the right to request copies of the data that the Development Office hold about you and to ask us to stop processing your personal data. If you request that we stop processing your data, we will remove your data with the following exceptions:

  • Your name, your year of entry and leaving the school, house name and your request to remove your data. We keep this to ensure your wishes are respected in future and you are not inadvertently contacted.
  • Any information we must hold to meet statutory requirements, eg. Gift Aid declarations

Our communications are by phone, email and post in order to achieve our role in the most cost-effective way. You can change your communication preferences at any time by email ( or by post (Development Office, King’s Ely, Old Palace, Ely, CB7 4EW)

Your privacy and the security of your data are of great importance to us. As legislation changes we may update this Privacy Notice. Any significant changes will be communicated via our website or by contacting you directly.