Susan FreestoneOur pupils are characterised by their energy, their courage, their self-knowledge, their courtesy and their sense of humour. There is an assumption of academic achievement enabled by continuity of approach, compassion and systems that will take pupils further than they ever believed they could go. Flying high takes the courage to take risks and those same systems provide a net to catch you when, occasionally, you stumble.

King’s Ely is a school where education really is an adventure. Students of all ages are encouraged to take risks in their learning, pushing themselves beyond the boundaries of their expectations, discovering more about the world around them, and, in so doing, more about themselves. What makes us special is our determination to instil in the young people in our care a real enthusiasm for learning and a belief that drives us all, that all students can achieve if the teaching is approached in a way that suits the learning style of each student. This is not easy necessarily; it is challenging, often uncomfortable, but King’s Ely students know that they are well supported, that their teachers believe in them, and so they are willing to take the very risks that will bring about high-level learning.

Our long and illustrious past provides a dynamic springboard to the future; our confidence is born of tradition, our aspirations reach for the stars.

Sue Freestone

Acremont Junior Senior