YEAR 9 classes from King’s Ely Senior joined over 500 students from 34 different schools at Duxford Imperial War Museum last week to take part in Microsoft Research’s annual Think Computer Science event.

The day began with a talk on computer engineering of the future, where students learnt about the BBC Micro:bit, and Microsoft’s HoloLens – an innovative way to transform your world with holograms. A presentation on changing technology and the impact of the internet in developing new games gave the students an insight into the exciting new possibilities that are emerging for computer gaming.

The students, who recently took part in the annual European Computational Thinking Bebras competition, beating the national average by a considerable amount, then visited a Science Fair featuring number of interesting stations, with titles including Virtual Reality, the Magic of Computer Science, BBC micros with 1980s programming languages and an Xbox zone. There was also a demonstration of a technology where one could potentially paint or construct anything by using just light. Other displays included how the blind hear and how different types of colour-blindness effects how you see.

Marc Hawes, at Director of ICT Systems, Head of ICT and Computing at King’s Ely Senior, said: “Students were able to see how computer projects are developed, and hopefully this has inspired them to create more coding projects back in the computer science classroom at King’s Ely.”

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