TEAM GB hockey player, Hannah MacLeod, returned to King’s Ely this week to coach the Senior girls’ hockey teams.

Hannah, who helped the British hockey team secure a Bronze medal at the London 2012 Olympics last summer, paid particular attention to movement with the ball and a variety of attacking skills, such as eliminating the defender within a confined space. She also demonstrated the forehand bunt shot, which is where your hands are in the dribbling position instead of moving the right hand up to the top of the stick, and the reverse stick bunt.

After practising their dribbling and shooting skills, the girls put Hannah’s advice to the test by playing a game.

Head of Girls’ Games, Chanre Bond, said: “As hockey has moved on considerably since the advancement of rules, Hannah emphasised the importance of footwork and that basic skills are the most important skills in the fast-paced game.”

She added: “The girls have had a great season. Our U14 and U15 teams reached the quarter finals of the county competitions and the 1st team ended 8th. We have also had several county representatives and one U16 England player.”

Hannah first visited the school last year, shortly after the Olympics.

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