CROWDS gathered to watch a great British spectacle on Saturday (3) as the King’s Ely Scholars went head-to-head in the historic Hoop Trundle.

The fiercely contested annual event sees the King’s and Queen’s Scholars bowl traditional wooden hoops over a course on the East Lawn of Ely Cathedral to commemorate the re-founding of the school by King Henry V111 in 1541.

Having dissolved Ely monastery, which had educated children for centuries, King Henry V111 gave the school its first Royal Charter and inaugurated 12 King’s Scholars. One of the privileges he allowed them was to play games, including the bowling of hoops, in the Cathedral precincts. In 1970, the school admitted girls for the first time in its 1,000 year history, and three years later the King’s Scholars were joined by Queen’s Scholars at the request of Queen Elizabeth 11 during her visit to the school in 1973. There are also two International Scholars each year.

Winners Euan Richards and Yuki Kimura were presented with the Hoop Trundle commemorative wooden tankards by Mayor and former parent, Liz Every, which they will hold until next year’s event.

“It is up there with rolling a Gloucester cheese down a hill and Eton’s Wall Game,” commented Principal Sue Freestone. “King’s Ely again enjoyed the lunacy of our annual Hoop Trundle.”


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