KING’S Ely Acremont pupil Ruth De Cogan is excited to have received a letter from 10, Downing Street.

Ruth, who is in Year 2, wrote to Theresa May last month after reading and hearing that not as many girls and women are pursuing careers in Science and Engineering as men are.

Ruth wants to be an Engineer like her mummy when she grows up, so she wrote to Theresa May to tell her so. She is now over the moon to have received a response from 10, Downing Street – and a signed photograph of the Prime Minister.

The letter says: “It was very good of you to get in touch and for taking the time and trouble to share your thoughts about this important matter.

“Like you wrote in your letter, girls can do anything and there is no reason why you cannot become an Engineer like your mummy.

“I would like to wish you well with your continued studies and hope you pursue your dreams of becoming an Engineer. Thank you, once again, for writing.”

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