EGYPTIAN architecture was on the curriculum at King’s Ely Junior this week as pupils learned how to design and build pyramids using doweling and rubber bands.

They started off by constructing individual square-based pyramids, which, after an explanation of the importance of square numbers, were then combined to make larger pyramids.

Having had a brief demonstration of how large stone blocks would have been easily moved through the use of rollers, they then built an even larger model reaching right up to the ceiling. This pyramid was large enough for all of the pupils to lie down inside to play the role of mummies in the pyramid!

Head Richard Whymark commented: “This was an engaging and practical way to launch this term’s theme of Pharaohs, Fortunes and Floods.

“The workshop helped the young people to develop their team-working skills as well as teaching them about applied algebra, 2D and 3D shapes and creating strong structures.”

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