FOUR budding scientists from King’s Ely Junior took up the challenge of the Salters’ Chemistry Competition at the University of Cambridge last week.

Pupils Jack Laud, Cameron Fordham, Katie Diss and Zoe Whelan were chosen to represent the school in the competition, which was run in conjunction with the Royal Society of Chemistry.

The challenge included two practical sessions, which were assessed by judges, and a hands-on lecture by Dr Peter Worthers. In the first session, the King’s Ely scientists became forensic detectives in an attempt to discover the murderer of “the body in the staff room”. The second session saw them using chromatography to accurately separate two differently coloured dyes.

Success was achieved in both of the challenges, especially in the second, where the team rightfully won first prize for the best separation technique.

Science teacher, Richard Oliver, said: “The pupils had a great day, not to mention a well-deserved victory.”

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