The Year 10 International Programme for pupils aged 14-15 improves English language and curriculum knowledge. Prospective students can apply to start in September, January or April and they focus on improving in order to prepare for the one year IGCSE programme in Year 11. Our pupils study in small classes of 6-12 people and have daily tutorial support. Students are tested regularly and guided towards clear goals for Year 11. All students develop within the King’s Ely Learning Habits Framework.

Our Year 10 students study a focused programme of eight important and relevant subjects, study skills, and exam technique. Students have eight lessons of English and three lessons of each subject per week. Closely monitored and supported in their boarding houses, they work hard to achieve the results necessary for entry to the one-year IGCSE programme.

A King’s Ely, education emphasises the development of the whole person. All international students take part in a wide variety of co-curricular activities, both inside and outside the School, including charity fundraising.

Year 10 pupils are tested at the end of the year. Results are used to inform subject choices and learning pathways for the one year IGCSE programme in Year 11.

For information about the admissions process and who to contact, please see the Senior International Admissions section.