MEDIA students from King’s Ely got the

chance to put the media in the hot seat this week to learn more about the industry from the professionals.

Speakers included John Spencer, former Managing Editor for the Press Association, Robin Howlett – a Marketing Executive and Designer, and leading Public Relations Executive, David Noble.

Students learnt about planning, strategic direction and how media plays a vital part in product promotion. They also got to hear about some of the high profile campaigns the speakers had worked on, many being products which the students had heard of or used.

The session culminated with a group challenge, where the students were set the task of devising a new campaign for two invented products which were then put under the professional eye of Robin Howlett.

The winning team (shown from left with Robin Howlett) were Alex Bray, Oliver Saunders, Jonathan Kaufman, Lewis Carrier and Joseph Fuller-Gray.

Head of Film and Media, Steven Merrell commented: “It has been a real learning benefit for the students to work with the professionals and to get the inside stories on major campaigns for products they see every day. The presenters were impressed with the quality of ideas and work from the

students and some could well be leading actual media events in later years.”

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