SHELTER building and navigation techniques are among the new skills learnt by students during King’s Ely’s annual Ely Scheme Stage Camps.

The camps took place at Braham Farm, just south of Ely, over three weekends and saw Year 9 students developing their camp craft and outdoor cooking skills, as well as perfecting their fire lighting skills, learning to create rudimentary shelters and practicing some basic navigation techniques, all setting them up for future ventures with the Ely Scheme.

Assistant Director of Outdoor Education at King’s Ely, Martin Bray, said: “Well done to all Year 9 students for their active and enthusiastic participation in all of the Stage Camp activities. Thank you again to all our Pupil Instructors for their input and also to all the staff team who supported the activities.”

From the high peaks of the Andes and Himalayas to the gushing torrents of the rivers in the Alps, Ely Scheme offers boundless opportunities for pupils to explore and learn through outdoor education. Outdoor education at King’s Ely offers students the chance to learn self-reliance, teamwork, creative thinking and a determined attitude to all tasks in life.

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