A COMPUTER driven Rubik’s Cube solver created using Lego was on display at the King’s Ely Sixth Form open morning on Saturday (12).

The construction was put together in just over an hour with Lego Mindstorms NXT equipment by 17-year old Ali Clubb, who is studying A2 Computing at King’s Ely.

Ali, who has solved a Rubik’s Cube in under 3.5 minutes – just one minute slower than the computer programme – went head-to-head against the machine to demonstrate the power of algorithms and how computer programming can help humans solve problems and increase efficiency, with the overall aim of inspiring current Year 11 students to choose Computing as an A Level option.

As an ambassador for the industry, ICT and Computing Teacher, Ann Whitehead, is particularly keen to encourage more females to take an interest in the subject.

Ann, who worked as a programmer analyst and university lecturer before joining King’s Ely, said: “Computer science is more relevant now than ever before and leading companies such as Google are crying out for young programmers. Unlike ICT, which is largely application based, Computing is more about what is going on inside the computer and how it works. As well as encouraging students to think logically and creatively, the course at King’s Ely Sixth Form is fun, new and inspiring.”

Students who are interested in applying for the course at King’s Ely Sixth Form will need to achieve a minimum B grade in Mathematics at GCSE. For further information about this and other AS and A2 subjects offered at King’s Ely, please email admissions@kingsely.org

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