Fees and charges for January – July 2021

Day fees

Year GroupTermly Fees (Day)Annual Fees (Day)Flexi/Occasional Boarding (per night)
Years 9-13£7,658£22,974£60

Boarding fees

Year GroupTermly Fees (Boarding)Annual Fees (Boarding)
Years 9-13£11,083£33,249

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Registration Fee

A non-refundable registration fee of £100, payable once only, is required when a pupil first registers for King’s Ely. For students domiciled outside the EEA, the registration fee is £150.

Acceptance Deposit

An Acceptance Deposit (with an Additional Deposit for international domiciled parents) is required on entry into the school as per the table below.  For the sake of clarity, the Additional Deposit is levied in the case of a pupil whose normal residence is outside the United Kingdom, not where funds are paid from (except UK Forces/UK Diplomats/Civil Servants serving overseas on a “posting”, where it will be considered they are UK residents).

If you have paid an Acceptance Deposit using previously published rates, at the next move between Year 8 and Year 9, the level of deposit will need to be brought up to the level shown within the table below:

Year GroupOn First Entry (Offer letters dated after 13 February 2017)
Little Ones, Plus Twos and Nursery£125
Reception, 1 and 2£500
Any International Domiciled Students (non-EEA) in any section of the School£500 plus 1 term's fees (including the Additional Deposit), adjusted annually to reflect the fees at time of Acceptance.

The Acceptance  Deposits will be retained within the general funds of the School until the pupil leaves and will be repaid by means of a credit without interest to the final payment of Fees or other sums due to the School on leaving.  The final bill is issued towards the end of the first half of the term following the term the student left.

The Additional Deposit for international domiciled students will be retained within the general funds of the School until the pupil leaves and will be repaid by means of a credit without interest to the final payment of Fees or other sums due to the School on leaving. The final bill is issued towards the end of the first half of the term following the term the student left.

If Fees in Advance are used to pay fees, the EEA Acceptance Deposit is required in addition to the FIA.  When fees are paid in advance, any extra charges should be settled each term as per the invoice issued.


What is included in the fees

The school fees include lunch for Day pupils and breakfast, lunch, and an evening meal for Boarders. The tuition fee also includes school trips where they are compulsory for whole year groups, text books, and issue of basic stationery up to Year 11 and standard GCSE examination entry fees.

Fees for AS and A2 Level examinations, fees for elective school trips and music and drama exams are not included within the standard fees as tabled above and will be charged in addition to the standard tuition fees.

Sixth Form students are also expected to buy their own text books to allow individual annotation. This may also apply to a limited number of texts in earlier years.

Any charges arising from requests for examination re-marks, appeals or late changes in examination entries requested by pupils/parents will require payment in advance via debit/credit card or bank transfer.

The school reserves the right to charge for any damage caused and for the replacement of lost items.

For any charges for items not included within the published termly/daily fees you will either have requested it (e.g. occasional boarding, after school care or an excursion) or you will have been asked if you wish to opt for whatever is being offered (e.g. a school photograph). Any requested or agreed extra charges will be added to your next fees invoice.


Late-Stay and Flexi-Boarding in KES

We recognise that parents may, at times, need to send their children to school earlier or pick them up later than normal operating hours. Similarly, there may be times when flexi-boarding may be advantageous.

If parents wish their child to have breakfast at school between 07.30 and 08.00 the charge is £5.00 per day. Please make the necessary arrangements with the Director of Boarding.

Tea is served between 17.45 and 18.15 and, again, is charged at £5.00. If students are not returning to a boarding house or travelling by train, parents should arrange a suitable pick-up-point. Please arrange directly with the child’s Housemaster or Housemistress.

Our 3 main boarding houses can accommodate the occasional student who needs to stay beyond tea, for prep. The first prep session commences at 18.45 and ends at 19.45. The second starts at 20.15 and ends at 21.00.

The charge for tea and first prep is £15.00; for tea and second prep £25.00.

All enquiries to the Director of Boarding.

Flexi-boarding is available where and when beds are free. We cannot reserve beds or guarantee that beds will always be vacant since boarders do arrive at various points in the year. Flexi-boarding is charged at £56 per night: all enquiries through the Director of Boarding.

Billing process

Invoices are sent three times a year, by email as a PDF attachment, approximately three weeks before the payment due date. Invoices are payable in full a week prior to the start of each term. The invoice will clearly state the date by which fees are payable.

Our overwhelming preference is fees to be settled via on-line banking, or by visiting a branch of Barclays bank. Our account details are on each fee account invoice.  Payment by UK cheque is acceptable but is our least preferable method.  If you do not use on-line banking, making payment electronically via your branch or paying the cheque/cash into our account at any branch of Barclays is more preferable than receiving a cheque via post. If paying by cheque, please ensure the cheque is drawn on a UK £ sterling account and is made payable to “The King’s School, Ely”, with the fee account payment reference made clear.

Card payment over the telephone or in person at the Accounts office is possible but please note, we do not accept card payments for any fees or charges in excess of £1,000.00.  This is an ideal method of paying for school trips or exam remark fees.

We do not accept cash payments to settle any fee accounts.

Monthly instalments via Direct Debit using School Fees Plan, a credit company set up specifically for payment of school fees, with an interest rate of 2.85% presently.  Details of the scheme, how it operates and the application process can be found on the School Fees Plan website.

By introducing School Fees Plan as a possible method of settling your school fees, King’s Ely is acting as a credit broker and is an Appointed Representative of Premium Credit Limited. Premium Credit Limited is the lender which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. School Fee Plan is a trading style of Premium Credit Limited.

If making payments from a non‑UK bank account, we have partnered with Flywire – a company established to provide a low cost, easy and efficient method of transferring money across international borders for educational purposes. Flywire legally allows international transfers above some financial limits set for personal and direct international currency transfers in a number of countries.  If paying your fees from a non-UK bank account our dedicated Flywire portal can be found at https://www.flywire.com/pay/kingsely/. Flywire also allows payment using debit/credit cards as well as local bank transfers within many countries.  This process is protected against fraudulent bank account activity across borders and prevents situations of funds being returned owing to incorrect intermediary bank details being used.  Flywire also has a best price guarantee for bank transfers.  Flywire is our preferred method of payment from overseas as it is fast, secure, reduces fraud risk and payments can be tracked. The refund process to payees is also far quicker (eg for refunding Acceptance Deposits).

Private music lessons

Individual music lessons are delivered by Visiting Music Teachers (VMT) at the rate of £39.32 per hour (£24.25 per 37 minute lesson). The normal termly charge is for a “package” of 10 x 37 minute lessons at £242.50 (£727.50 per academic year). Music lessons are invoiced by the self-employed VMT concerned in advance direct to the parents, except where music lessons are offered free as part of a scholarship/Chorister or other package, in which case VMTs will invoice the School directly each term.  Ceasing of lessons should be notified directly to the VMT a term in advance otherwise fees to the parents will be charged by the VMT.

Any missed lessons, without sufficient prior notice to cancel the music/instrument singing lesson will be billed directly to the parents, including those where free music lessons are awarded.

Childcare Vouchers

Child Care Vouchers (closed to new applicants from 5 October 2018) can be used for payment towards any King’s Ely on-site wrap around care/holiday clubs, after school clubs or towards the boarding element for children aged between 5 and 16 years old.

The relatively new UK Government Tax-Free child care scheme  can only be used to pay towards care that is outside of school hours, for example after school clubs or breakfast clubs but this scheme is only for children under 11 years old

Please contact Alison Cree/Michael Spencer if you wish to start making payments via either of the child care schemes or have any queries.

Giving notice to withdraw

For our planning purposes, it is part of our Terms and Conditions, that anyone wishing to withdraw their child from school (or change between boarding and day), a full term’s written notice is required so we can plan ahead accordingly. Failure to provide such notice to withdraw your child from King’s Ely or make material changes to the sessions pre-booked without notice will result in an invoice for Fees in Lieu of Notice (FiLON) equating to a ‘normal’ full term’s fees for your child. Please do remember, if you wish to make any significant changes you must provide a full term’s notice.