Fees and Charges for January – August 2022

King’s Ely Acremont Nursery Fees

Year Group/OfferingCost per session
Morning Only
Extended Day inc. lunch & tea
Nursery £32
Only available during King's Ely published term time dates
Late collection fees after 6pm
• 6pm–6.15pm: £10
• 6.15pm–6.30pm: £20 plus £10 for each
15 minutes late thereafter.

King’s Ely Acremont Fees (Reception, Year 1 and Year 2)

Year Group/Offering  
Reception, Year 1 and Year 2£3,869 per term£11,607 per year
King's Ely Acremont Wrap Around Care Options for Children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2Breakfast Club (8–8.30am): £5 inc. hot breakfast"Owls" (4-5pm): £8.90
"Late Stays" (3.30– 4pm): £4.50"Nightingales" (5–6pm): £10 inc. drink & snack


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Billing Process

Invoices are issued termly for payment in advance. Fees should be paid seven days before the start of each term. Extra charges for Late Stays, Flexi/Occasional Boarding and other chargeable items are payable in arrears through the school billing system. Payment by bank transfer is preferable or failing that, cheques drawn on a UK bank account; cash should not be used Credit cards can be used to settle any fees and charges. Credit card payments can be taken over the telephone or in person at the Accounts office. Card details must not be emailed to the Accounts team. AMEX is not accepted.

For those making payments from non-UK bank accounts, we recommend use of Flywire’s international payment service. This is a system set up specifically for educational international fund transfers and offers a cost effective and efficient route for parents to transfer money to our UK bank account. Exchange rates are competitive, and all is transacted on line without the need for time consuming paperwork. Flywire offer exchange rate guarantees (under their Terms and Conditions). Please see www.flywire.com/pay/kingsely.

The School reserves the right to charge for any damage caused and the replacement of lost items.

What is included in the fees

Nursery 1 and Nursery 2: Age-appropriate, nutritious food at lunch and tea time, depending on the sessions booked. All activities, classroom and indoor/outdoor play resources provided within each particular session. Any additional sessions asked for and taken are charged as extras over and above the pre-booked (charged in advance) sessions.

Reception, Year 1 and Year 2: The fees include lunch. School trips are included where they are part of the curriculum for whole year groups. Text books, all stationery items and classroom resources. Reception and Year 1 classes each have a Teaching Assistant. Year 2 shares one Teaching Assistant between two classes.

For any charges for items not included within the published termly/daily fees, you will either have requested it (e.g. after school care) or you will have been asked if you wish to opt for whatever is being offered (e.g. a school photograph). Any requested or agreed extra charges will be added to your next fees invoice. The only exception to this will be for Holiday Club, for which you will be sent a supplementary invoice soon after the start of the term following the Holiday Club.

Private Music/Vocal/Drama Lessons

Individual Music/Drama/Trinity lessons are delivered by Visiting Teachers (VTs). We have agreed a rate with our VTs for the provision of private lessons of £40.41 per hour (£24.92 per 37 minute lesson). The normal termly charge is for a “package” of 10 x 37 minute lessons at £249.20 (£747.60 per academic year).

Music lessons are invoiced by the self-employed VT concerned in advance direct to the parents, except where music lessons are offered free as part of a scholarship/Chorister or other package, in which case VTs will invoice the School directly each term. Ceasing of lessons should be notified directly to the VT a term in advance otherwise fees to the parents will be charged by the VT.

Any missed lessons, without sufficient prior notice to cancel the music/instrument singing lesson will be billed directly to the parents, including those where free music lessons are awarded.

Childcare Vouchers/Tax Free Childcare Schemes

We can accept childcare vouchers/Government Tax Free childcare payments for payment towards childcare (not school fees) for up to the start of the academic year the child turns six, and for any wrap around care/holiday clubs or after school clubs for children aged between the age of 5 and 16 years old (depending upon the particular scheme in use). If you have any questions about this, please contact the King’s Ely Accounts team (fees@kingsely.org or 01353 660761 or 660721).

Registration Fee

A non-refundable registration fee of £100, payable once only, is required when a pupil first registers for King’s Ely. For students domiciled outside UK, the registration fee is £150.

Acceptance Deposit/Additional Deposit

An Acceptance Deposit (with an Additional Deposit for international domiciled parents) is required on entry into the school as per the table below. For the sake of clarity, the Additional Deposit is levied in the case of a pupil whose normal residence is outside the United Kingdom, not where funds are paid from (except UK Forces/UK Diplomats/Civil Servants serving overseas on a “posting”, where it will be considered they are UK residents).

If you have paid an Acceptance Deposit using previously published rates, at the next move between Nursery into Reception; Year 2 into Year 3; or between Year 8 into Year 9, the level of deposit will need to be brought up to the level shown within the table below:

Year GroupPayable on Entry into School
Reception, Year 1 and Year 2£500
Years 3–13£500
Any International Domiciled Students (Non-EEA) £500 plus 1 term's fees (the Additional Deposit), adjusted annually to reflect the fees at time of Acceptance.

The Acceptance Deposits will be retained within the general funds of the School until the pupil leaves and will be repaid by means of a credit without interest to the final payment of Fees or other sums due to the School on leaving. The final account is issued towards the end of the first half of the term following the term the student left.

The Additional Deposit for international domiciled students will be retained within the general funds of the School until the pupil leaves and will be repaid by means of a credit without interest to the final payment of Fees or other sums due to the School on leaving. The final account is issued towards the end of the first half of the term following the term the student left.

Fees in Advance Scheme (FIA)

We operate a scheme whereby funds towards school fees can be paid in advance attracting a small discount. The information is on our website under the fees section and further details can be obtained from the School Accountant, Michael Spencer. If Fees in Advance are used to pay fees, the Acceptance Deposit is required in addition to the FIA. At the start of each term the FIA value held by the school must always be equal to or above the combined value of the Acceptance Deposit and the Additional Deposit for International domiciled pupils. When fees are paid in advance, any extra charges should be settled each term as per the invoice issued.

Providing Notice to withdraw a child or change status between day and boarding

A full term’s written notice must be provided to withdraw a child from school or change status between Boarding and Day, otherwise Fees in Lieu of Notice will be charged, equating to a full term’s fees. The only exception to this is a child leaving at the end of Year 13, and any child on a short-term/one year course agreed at the time of Acceptance of place.